We cooperate with a number of leading technology vendors in order to provide our clients with the end-to-end solutions. Kromtek engages in long term partnerships with its clients in order to be of service to them and accompany them in projects and investments.

Solutions offered by Kromtek are backed not only by our own technical team, but also a wide network of international professionals and suppliers. This ensures that our customers receive solutions designed specifically for them, based on their needs for today and the future.

  • BLANKOM Digital GmbH
    BLANKOM Digital GmbH from Germany is a leading specialist for professional TV equipment as well as Digital Signal Processing solutions. The company's most innovative and state-of-the-art products and solutions are used by cable operators, private operators and broadcasting corporations.
  • Pace
    Pace is a leading developer of digital TV technologies for the global pay TV industry
  • Xice
    Xice is a leading supplier of a wide range of Satellite and Cable TV Reception and Distribution equipment. The XICE product range includes Ku-Band Satellite Dishes, LNB's Multi-Switches, Distribution Amplifiers, Wall Outlets and Power Dividers. In the Cable TV segment , different types of encoders and High Definition Set-Top-Boxes for commercial distribution of Satellite TV programs are available.
  • CentraLite
    Since 1997, CentraLite has been designing and manufacturing home lighting control systems. Based in the USA, CentraLite systems let homeowners enjoy high quality dimming and automated scene control on a reasonable cost.
  • Triax
    Triax is one of the leading manufacturers of Satellite and IP Distribution Systems.
  • Surveillance system Market
    A leading vendor in worldwide IP surveillance market, devoted to technology, R&D, production and sales of full range of IP surveillance devices and comprehensive surveillance solutions for enterprises, public utilities and home users.
    INSTEK DIGITAL is the leading manufacturer of Enterprise class NVR and Central Management software based in Taiwan. Instek Digital offers a wide array hardware and software video surveillance solutions. The company offers an exquisite range of hardware solutions such as video-recorders, back-up solutions, network CCTV and video-servers
  • Irisys
    Irisys is a UK based leading manufacturer of Intelligent Customer counting solutions.
  • Brickcom
    Brickcom is one of the world's leading IP camera manufacturers. It has many award winning models.
  • Vantage
    Vantage is the one of the world's leading manufacturers of Home automation systems.
  • Continental Access
    Continental Access is the world's leader in Access Control Solutions.